Monday, 4 December 2017

Travel Advent Calendar 2017

December 1st - Most unique city viewing vantage point
Church of Our Saviour, Copenhagen, Denmark

December 2nd - Most amazing solo cover artist
Jimi Hendrix, Classic Albums Live, Showplace Performance Centre, Peterborough, Canada
December 3rd - Most unique clock
Lund Cathedral, Sweden

December 4th - Best rental property
Vegape - The White Apartment, Trieste, Italy

December 5th - Best tiramisu
Pasticcerie Nobile #Venice #Italy

December 6th - Most engaging tour guide
Panorama Tours, Sound of Music #Salzburg #Austria

December 7th - Most thrilling moment
Diamante Eco Adventure Park, Guanacaste, Costa Rica
December 8th - Most compelling town
Hallstatt, Austria
December 9th - Coolest renovation project
Brockville Railway Tunnel, Brockville, Canada
December 10th - Most unique community
Christiania, Copenhagen, Denmark
December 11th - Cheapest beer
Predjama, Slovenia
December 12th - Most unique candy store
Venice, Italy
December 13th - Most memorable Canada Day 150 moment
Canadian Forces Snowbirds, Ottawa, Canada
December 14 - Architectural brilliance
St. Peter's Abbey, Salzburg, Austria

Thursday, 1 December 2016

Travel Advent Calendar - Best of 2016

December 1 - Most awesome commute, Monte Toboggan Ride, Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal

December 2 - Best sushi, Agi Sai Japanese Restaurant, Toronto, Ontario

December 3 - Most engaging museum, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland, Ohio

December 4 - Most authentic animal encounter, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

December 5 - Most captivating ocean view, Porto Moniz, Madeira Island

December 6 - Best repeat destination, Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto, ON

December 7 - Most unique collection of zoo animals, Terre Nostra Gardens, Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azores

December 8 - Best way to pass the time while travelling, Animal Kingdom Adult Colouring Book
by Millie Marcotta

December 9 - Most tranquil walk, Levada dos Cedros Trail, Madeira Island, Portugal

 December 10 - Best concert memory with Jeff Martin (lead singer of Tea Party),
Red Dog Tavern, Peterborough, ON

December 11 - Most inspiring tour, Kids Saving the Rainforest,
Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

December 12 - Best cocktails and a breathtaking view, The One Eighty, Toronto, ON

December 13 - Best local cheese, Queijo Vaquinha, Furnas, Azores, Portugal

December 14 - Most engaging fundraiser - Habitat for Humanity, 5K Foamfest Toronto 2016,
Uxbridge, ON

December 15 - Most beautiful mountain view, Pico do Arieiro, Madeira Island, Portugal

December 16 -  Most compelling boardwalk view, White Water Walk,
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada

December 17 - Best rental property, Jungle Creek, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

December 18 - Best airline customer service, SATA

December 19 - Best retreat weekend, Fellowship Wilderness Camp, Bancroft, ON

December 20 - Most compelling road trip views, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

December 21 - Most romantic dinner, Elements Fine Dining Restaurant,
Peterborough, ON

December 22 - Most unusual cooking method, Cozido at Tony's Restaurant,
Furnas, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

December 23 - Most unique drinks, Miss Things, Toronto, ON
December 24 - Most authentic Canadian shopping experience, Whetung's Ojibwa Centre,
Buckhorn, ON
December 25 - Favorite village, Povoacao, Sao Miguel, Azores, Portugal

Monday, 30 November 2015

Travel Advent Calendar - Best of 2015


December 1 - Our Most Scenic Drive (Nanaimo to Tofino), Vancouver Island, B.C.

December 2 - Our Best Customer Service (Mirto Restaurant), Toronto, ON

December 3 - Our Best View of the Pitons (The Still Beach House), Soufriere, St. Lucia

December 4 - My "Coolest" Bar (The Chill House), Toronto, ON

December 5 - Our Best Photography Course (St. Lucia By Kirk) Gros Islet, St. Lucia

December 6 - Our Favorite Family Attraction (Ripley's Aquarium), Toronto, ON

December 7 - My Favorite Discovery (live octopus), Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
December 8 - My Best Castle (Boldt Castle), Alexandria Bay, New York, USA

December 9 - Our Best Private Island (Stubb's Island), Tofino, BC

December 10 - Most Secluded Attraction (Superman Falls), Soufriere, St. Lucia
December 11 - Our Best Street Party, Gros Islet, St. Lucia

December 12 - Our Best Shot of the 'dinner that got away' (Jamie's Bear Watching Tour), Tofino, BC

December 13 - Our Best Memorial Site, Barbara Hall Park (Church Street), Toronto, ON

December 14 - Our Best Vacation Rental, (The Anchorage), Tofino, BC

December 15 - My Best Vegetarian Chili (Papaya Hut), Peterborough, ON

December 16 - My Most Authentic "Canadian" Moment, Pacific Rim National Park, Tofino, BC

December 17 - Favorite Endangered Species pic (Pacific Rim Trail), Ucleulet, BC

December 18 - Our Coolest Holiday Event (Dee Snider's Rock and Roll Christmas),
Toronto, ON

December 19 - Our Best Outdoor Concert (Sass Jordan - Peterborough Musicfest),
Peterborough, ON

 December 20 - Our Best Urban View (Vancouver Lookout), BC

December 21 - My Most Memorable Course (Improv - Second City Training Centre),
Toronto, ON

December 22 - Our Best Tour Guide (Madis Maenni - Ruby Estate Plantation),
Soufriere, St. Lucia

December 23 - Our Most Unique Dining Experience (O.Noir Restaurant), Toronto, ON

December 24 - Our Best Treetop Experience  (Capilano Park), Vancouver, BC

 December 25 - Our Best Dining Experience (Feast Tofino - Wickanninnish Inn),
Tofino, Vancouver Island, BC