Friday, 8 August 2014

Milan, Italy

Milan's bustling train station definitely set the stage for what was to come. A very lively city with stunning architecture contrasting old and new, a sense of fashion surpassing New York City, humour and creativity displayed by buskers in the main square, endless venues for dining and entertainment, and attractions that were leave one with indescribable feelings of peace, humility and wonderment.

The Milan Cathedral (Duomo di Milano), which took 500 years to build, was captivating from the ground but from the rooftop the challenge of trying to capture its raw beauty in a photograph became evident. While there are no shortage of stunning religious sites in Europe this one definitely tops the list. Our second adventure, recommended in the Rick Steeves - Europe through the Back Door DVD, was taking the street car to the Monument Cemetery (Cimitero Monumentale di Milano) - a site where history, art, peace and family respect become one. Spending the afternoon walking through this very unique resting place was a reminder of the family values, artistic talent, elegance and financial prosperity that define Milan.
June 2014

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