Sunday, 24 August 2014

Detroit, Michigan

While our summer has been relatively quiet following our fun-filled, fast-paced trip through Croatia and Italy in June we planned to end our summer with an outdoor concert in Detroit. Having never been there before and warned by many to be careful we were somewhat apprehensive as we set off to the motor city. With my two kindred souls with me I saw no reason for concern as long as we were street smart and stayed in populated areas.
Back home safe and sound I reflect on our very short trip to the US I must admit this is the first place I have ever been where having a free spirited nature was not in my best interest. As we drove to our hotel the area around our hotel was run down, graffiti laden and void of many on the streets. We were encouraged by hotel staff to get a cab down to Comerica Park despite the fact it was less than a mile away and daylight. As we arrived at the stadium we enjoyed the lively pre-concert surroundings, Detroit landscape, the company of the friendly staff from radio 107. 5 and a fantastic show to follow. The next day we stopped at a popular diner with local cuisine, home cooked meals and an affordable menu before making our way to the Motown Museum. Sadly we were turned away at the museum as the wait was almost two hours long so if planning to add this to the many things you can do in Detroit be aware that the museum has guided tours only and be sure to reserve. Yet the trip to this area of the city gave us a sampling of its culture with local food, aesthetic buildings and a glimpse at music history. This visit was only a microscopic view of Detroit yet at the same time it was also a humbling experience and vivid reminder that tourism can come at a price if you are not aware of your surroundings and that the best travel plans should always include input from 'the locals'.
August 2014

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