Saturday, 18 October 2014

Journey of a Different Kind

While writing a blog can be fun, engaging, sometimes even therapeutic, the chosen content shared is threefold for me. Firstly, to celebrate the many beautiful places and people in the world, share experiences, tips, and lessons learned. Secondly, to promote the small business economy as a more authentic and rewarding way to experience communities. Finally, to provide an opportunity for those unable to travel to experience the world's beauty through means of a virtual environment. 

As I sit in a bustling corner of our local hospital, comforted by the aroma of 'Timmies' coffee, a renewed sense of perspective unfolds. For as easy as it is to get wrapped up in own lives, commitments, daily routines, dramas, plans for the future, and financial perils we can often overlook the role that health plays in our life. For some, making it from one day to the next is all they can focus on and all they have the strength for. As two people very close to me have bravely tackled cancer surgery in the past 8 days I rally to stay strong for them, keep my composure, and give the much needed support to fight such a battle.

Wondering what to say, how to help, how to be anything but awkward as I try to make some small difference yet understanding that there is no formula for helping someone heal, either physically or emotionally, other than to be yourself and do your best.

Kind thoughts and well wishes to you and those dearest to you...

cancer, hope