Sunday, 19 October 2014

Travel Tip of the Week - Planning for a "Ferry Tale" Ending

Whether boarding on foot or with vehicle ferries can be a scenic and time-saving way to travel.

Based on our experiences we have the following suggestions if you want your ferry ride to have a happy ending:
* If you have investigated the times, dates and prices on line make sure to still go into the local office in person as well. The boarding, launching and travel times were all different that our research indicated on more than one occasion.
* The level of enjoyment on a ferry can be directly linked to the weather so be sure to bring a book, magazine, cards / games to pass the time if you are stuck indoors.
* Pack a lunch, drink and munchies for your travels. Food selections are limited, seldom nutritious, expensive, and  dining hours may be restricted.
* Arrive early to get a good seat.
* Apply sunscreen for protection from both the wind and sun.
* Purchase your ticket in advance. In the event it is overbooked you may be stranded at your  destination for several days.
* If you have the opportunity to take an early morning ferry the landscape and sunrise will make getting up early worthwhile.