Friday, 18 July 2014

Dubrovnik, Croatia

While I would not describe myself as a world traveler, I have had some experiences that shaped my attitudes and memories of various places in the world.

As I think back about our time in Old Town,  Dubrovnik the memories are overwhelming. From the gorgeous secluded beach, where the scenery and setting could not have been more perfect, to the city walls and fort that not only embrace you but also give a glimpse into both romantic eras and war torn tragedies, the majestic church bells that ring through the streets beckoning respect, the narrow alleys ways with steep stairways, laundry and sense of community, the beautiful Croatian dialect, children playing freely in the streets, mesmerizing Adriatic Sea with its steep cliffs beckoning only the bravest to rise the challenge, and the enchanting sunlit and moonlit waters remind you that there is no better place you need to be.
Dubrovnik, while a short visit represents community, tradition, humility, strength, passion and progression as it daily welcomes both old and young, to take away what they will from this majestic community, but to be sure that it will be one place in Europe that they will never forget.

June 2014

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