Sunday, 28 December 2014

Travel Tip of the Week - Just Google It

When planning a trip there is an endless supply of online resources, photos and reviews to assist with creating a vacation that is perfect for you. Whether looking for attractions, Broadway shows, dining opportunities or extreme adventure tours the internet is a playground of information for all things travel. Because we seldom purchase package vacations it is imperative to have confidence in accommodation choices, access to transportation options and schedules, knowledge of cultural norms, and sources of potential danger. Some of our favorite sites include TripAdvisor,,, and Lonely Planet yet there are many, many more that provide a wealth of information. Rick Steeves is a great resource for identifying 'off the beaten path' experiences, such as Civita in Italy, that provide an intensely rich travel experience. A combination of internet research, tour company books with daily itineraries, tourism sites for your community of choice, and searches relating to "Best of", "Bucket List" or "Places to Go Before You Die" provide many choices for our curious minds. If you like the local experience as much as we do the best way to truly become engaged in your travel community is to find out from the locals where they eat, shop and play. As long as you have Wi-Fi access on your mobile device it is usually fairly easy to navigate a new community and if you have done homework before you arrive you are less likely to have unwelcome surprises along the way. We encourage you to add comments and share your research sites of choice when making travel plans.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wishing a safe a happy holiday season to all!

Travel Advent Calendar - Best of 2014
December 1 - Our Best Storm Photos, Opatija, Croatia
December 2 - Our Best Fitness Incline, Civita, Italy
December 3 - Our Best Pics of the magic of Old Town after the tourists leave, Dubrovnik, Croatia
December 4 - Our Best Family Outing - Ripley's Aquarium, Toronto, Canada
December 5 - Our Best Pizza, Milan, Italy
December 6 - Our Best Host, Ocotal, Costa Rica
December 7 - Our Best Concert, Detroit, USA
December 8 - Our Best Beer, Rovinj, Croatia
December 9 - Our Best Tiramisu, Civita, Italy
December 10 - Our Most Extravagant Toast, Rovinj, Croatia
December 11 - Our Best Winter Weekend Getaway with Friends, Niagara Falls, Canada
December 12 - Our Best View, Civita, Italy
December 13 - Our Best New Years Eve, Playa del Coco, Costa Rica
December 14 - Our Best Convertible Ride, Haliburton Highlands, Canada
December 15 - Our Best Apartment Rental, Rovinj, Croatia
December 16 - Our Best Statues, Milan, Italy
December 17 - Our Best Sunset, Rovinj, Croatia
December 18 - Most Gratifying Journey, University of Waterloo, Canada
December 19 - My Favorite Architectural Masterpiece - Vittoriano Complex, Rome, Italy
December 20 - Best Alarm Clock, Ocotal, Costa Rica
December 21 - Best Celebrity Encounter, Toronto, Canada
December 22- Most Picturesque Hike, Plitvice National Park, Croatia
December 23- Best Restaurant Atmosphere, Toronto, Canada 
December 24 - Most Spiritual Moment, Rome, Italy
December 25 - My Best Travel Buddy / My Best Friend